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Search Results

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A video is 53 times more likely to be on the first page of the average Google search.

Click Throughs

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A video will increase your click through rate by 41%.

Increased Leads

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A video can give you a 75% increase in closing client leads,

Show Unique Features

 When producing a video tour, don't show every closet and crawl space.  Potential buyers want to see the best features of the house before getting in the car for a showing.  70% want a tour of the property before they invest the time to actually go see a house. This allows them to quickly evaluate if this is the property they are looking for.  Chapter & Verse can help you focus on features that stand out and set the property apart from the rest of the current listings available. 

Demo 1

You don't have to have a listing for a castle or a mansion to use the power of video. Click on the buttons below for examples.

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Sometimes a few drone shots and some graphics are all you need to tell a property's story.

Don't Just Showcase Listings, Sell Yourself

New In Town?

One of the biggest factors in choosing a house or property are

 the immediate surroundings. A video about the community lets clients see the kinds of amenities that are around them--  shops restaurants parks, etc.  It can also give them a feel for the neighborhood, and the community they’ll be living in if they buy the house.  That's why 86% of buyers want to see a community video.

Teach Your Clients

 Even if someone has bought and sold a house before, the mere thought of it is still daunting.  Helping buyers and sellers feel at ease with the process is a key part of your success. Buying or selling a house is one of the biggest financial transactions a  person makes in a lifetime.  Providing information on what to expect will ease their fears. 54% of customers would appreciate finding a how-to video on your website when first visiting. 

Testimonials Increase Business

30% of customers are looking for review or testimonial videos before they sign a contract with a Realtor. Chapter & Verse can produce client testimonials to use on your website.  These can be powerful tools and have a much longer shelf life than property showcase videos.

Your Qualifications Are Showing

25% of customers want to see a video of the agent or listing company that shows them more information on who you are and why are you're qualified.  Let Chapter & Verse help you create a confidence building video about who you are.  New to the game?  Let them know that what you lack in experience you make up for with a passion for customer service.

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